Navigating Crossroads: How to Unlock Potential in Life

We all have goals that we want to achieve and dreams that we aspire to. Yet there are times when life can feel like it's "off track", or we may feel a little stuck in a situation, job or relationship. It can even be the case where we have achieved our goals and still feel something is missing. 

When we find ourselves standing at a major crossroad where we have to make an important decision, the ability to master our mind can make a significant impact on the outcomes.

There are five core aspects of the mind to master in our pursuit of success and happiness - mindfulness, self-motivation, decision making, communication and self-fulfillment. Each serves a different function and when integrated can create a powerful momentum to manifest our desired outcomes.

Navigating Crossroads: A Masterclass in Unlocking Potential in Life is a 7-part online program that empowers you with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the mind, and provides tools to unlock your potential for growth and new possibilities. 

Learn to:
  • Master the mind in stressful and challenging times
  • Deep dive into the 5 core aspects of the mind that impact our ability to effectively assess and respond to problems
  • Learn principles and tools to unlock your potential and create the best possible outcomes

This program is designed to support those of us who are: 
  • Facing challenging times, crossroads or issues in personal or work life
  • Feeling stuck, dissatisfied, uncertain or frustrated
  • Unsure of what we really want out of life
  • Interested in unlocking personal potential to overcome any challenge that life may bring

Led by Life Mentor, Rajesh Ramani, this live online program will include group interactive teaching sessions, awareness strengthening exercises and interactive reflections. Expect a deeply insightful, dynamic and inspiring journey where you will be encouraged to step into discovering your core potentials. 

Program Structure

  • 7 weekly online classes delivered via Zoom
  • 90 minutes per class
  • Interactive group learning & exercises with peer-group
  • Add-on option: 60-min personal coaching session with Rajesh
  • Instructor Bio & Testimonials: click here

Schedule & Details

Dates: Every Tue |  Jan 5, 12, 18, 26; Feb 2, 9, 16


  • Singapore/Hong Kong: 8 - 9.30pm
  • UK: 12 - 1.30pm
  • Western Europe: 1 - 2.30pm

Fees: Pricing available in your local currency at check-out

  • Early-Bird: SGD780
  • After 23 December 2020: SGD850

Registration: click here

For more information, please contact or Whatsapp: +65 8812 8088

What You’ll Learn

Each week, we will focus on helping you to understand your challenges in a deeper way, resolve doubts, enhance mental resilience, and master the core aspects of your mind.

Week 1 | Life Purpose Roadmap
What do you want out of life? This class deepens your awareness of where you are, and teaches you how to identify real needs and goals around work and personal life.  Rajesh will guide you in charting out your expectations and challenges, and developing a personal roadmap for growth and learning.

Week 2 | The Mind
Explore the way your mind works when confronted with challenges and adversity. Do you immediately zoom in on the problem and start solutioning? Are you able to trust yourself to make the right decisions? This class equips you with actionable insights to manage your mind, increase mental clarity and make good decisions.

Week 3 | Mindfulness
If you’ve ever found it difficult to get through a complex task, learn a new skill, or studied for a professional certification, you might have wished you could increase your ability to concentrate. Learn practices to sharpen your focus, reduce detractions, and ways to rein-in the ever-wandering mind.
Week 4 | Self-Motivation
What keeps you going? Your internal drive to achieve, produce, develop and keep moving forward is key to living your potential.  Build up your ability to fuel your passions by understanding patterns in your thoughts and behaviour. Break habits of negative self-criticism and procrastination. This class will teach you how to self-motivate without burning out.

Week 5 | Decision-Making
Mastering your mind enables you to have a clearer picture of reality without the lens of projection that may morph people and situations into things they are not. We will learn how to take right decisions in conflicting situations. After this class, you’ll be able to navigate the maze of conflicting choices to arrive at decisions and outcomes that serve you best.

Week 6 | Communication
We each have different styles of communicating. It’s a personal choice how we deliver our message and how we receive messages. In this class, we will explore how to communicate effectively with clarity and empathy. Learn tools to center yourself in positive internal states that help you to communicate effectively in any relationship or situation.

Week 7 | Self-Fulfillment
How do you know when good enough is good enough? While we may have unlimited potential and ambitious goals, it is also important to know how to be fulfilled with our achievements. Without this understanding, there can come a point when our ambitions, ideals or self-expectations become sources of discontentment and stress. This class will help you to create habits of self-appreciation and integrate your accomplishments to get bigger breakthroughs.