Tuesday 'Work-In'': Yin & Crystals by Candlelight

Are you feeling tired, tense or constantly overthinking?

Support your body and mind with our relaxing Tuesday 'work in' program which pairs Yin Yoga with crystals placed on and around your body.

As you relax into Yin shapes, releasing tension in deep connective tissues, you'll be guided to tune-in to mind-body sensations. Different unique crystals will be used in this class to support your practice.

This secular meditative yoga session is all about cultivating curiosity and sensitivity on the mat. The refined awareness connects you with your inner observer and intuition – and perhaps leading to 'ah-ha' moments that uncover what you truly want for yourself in life.

Calming, nourishing and introspective, Sita’s classes are crafted with the intention to empower participants with practical tools and practices for joyful, heart-centered living.

Release & Meditate with Yin Yoga 
Yin is a slow-paced, therapeutic style of yoga — unique in that you are asked to relax your body into different shapes by sitting or lying down on the floor. 

Benefits include lower stress levels, a calmer mind, fascia release, increased flexibility and joint mobility, and improved the flow of chi or prana around the body, as well as a deeper connection with oneself.

We approach Yin Yoga as more than an antidote for releasing physical tension or mental stress. The slow practice is also the perfect meditation tool to tune into the intricacies of your mind and heart.

Support Your Practice with Crystals
In the field of complementary and alternative medicine, crystals are said to have healing properties that can enhance your body’s energy. Working with your energy field, they can absorb, amplify, focus, and direct energies, and are typically used to balance the body’s energy centers, also known as chakras.

In this session, Sita will intuitively select and place crystals near you or on your body’s chakra system, matching unique crystals to chakra points to clear and support the energy flow in your body.

This Class is Suitable for: 

  • Practitioners of all levels - from beginners looking for a gentle introduction to yoga, to seasoned yogis. Our small group format allows for individual attention and customization.
  • Individuals leading fast-paced lives who wish to practice slowing down and being in the moment.
  • Practitioners of more dynamic Yang styles of yoga seeking a balanced practice.
  • Individuals looking for a gentle exercise to support restful recovery and recuperation.