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Mental Resilience
Emotional Freedom
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Connect with our community of experts to explore the art & science of wisdom

Tuesday 'Work-In'': Yin & Crystals by Candlelight

Are you feeling tired, tense or constantly overthinking? Support your body and mind with our relaxing 'work in' session.

Yoga + Sound Meditation for Balancing Nervous System

Learn yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation practices that help to strengthen the nervous system.

Join Us for Sound Meditation

Did you know that sound is an easy access point to explore what a meditative state is and how it feels? 

The Key to Thriving in Life

Have you ever wondered what the best version of yourself looks like?

Navigating Crossroads: How to Unlock Potential in Life

The ability to master your mind can make a significant impact on the outcomes.


The Wise Life Co is a passion project to expand insight on "what it means to live a good, successful and fulfilled life", taking inspiration from ancient wisdom and contemporary approaches to support our personal growth journey.

In 2021, we embarked on a pop-up project to create a holistic wellness studio space to promote calm and clarity during these uncertain times. Our goal is to empower individuals to lead more joyful, resilient and purposeful lives through bespoke offerings with trusted experts. Regular workshops will be held at our private studio at Clarke Quay, specializing in sound meditation, mind-body-energy practices and life coaching.

Values that drive everything we do are authenticity, curiosity, kindness, non-judgement, and a spirit of playfulness.

If what we’ve said so far resonates with you, we invite you to connect with us on IG @thewiselifeco or through our curated programs.

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We are immensely grateful to work with a select group of best-in-class experts, hand-picked based on their exceptional skills, deep experience & shared intention to empower our community to lead joyful, resilient & fulfilled lives.

Sound Therapy with Masumi
Sound Meditation + Kundalini Yoga with Barbara
Gong Bath + Yin & Restorative Yoga with Stanley
Yin & Crystals by Candlelight + Self-Reiki with Sita Pavan
The Wise Mind with Rajesh


Studio@thewiselifeco is our dedicated private space for wellness. We created this soothing sanctuary to promote calm and clarity during these uncertain times.

Here, you can reconnect with your inner self and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit through our curated programs. These include exclusive workshops, self-care retreats and bespoke experiences.

Enjoy personalized attention in a relaxing small-group setting, and enjoy a comfortable and immersive "sound spa" , relaxing fully on individual custom-made Tatami mattress from Japan.

Handcrafted using all-natural Igusa rush grass, the mattresses have a natural anti-bacterial and air purifying effect due to Igusa's aroma component called ''phytoncide" resembling forest trees. This provides a relaxation effect just like forest bathing.


Curated with intention to give you personalized attention, all our programs and events are exclusively limited to small groups of 5 or less participants. You will have the opportunity to get 1-1 debrief from our experts during or after the session. Private & Corporate bookings are available on request.


Life Mentor Rajesh Ramani

Meeting Rajesh had a profound impact on my life. He is more than a teacher. I believe that in addition to his fantastic personality, the 14 years that he spent as a monk gives a special, deep dimension to his coaching. If you can get a chance to work with Rajesh, don’t miss it.

Przemyslaw A. Schmidt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Work Service S.A, Poland

I have had the blessing of receiving guidance from Rajesh for several years now. I remember the first time I met him. I told him: “My life is great, I am not looking for support.” Thanks to him I have come to learn that a mentor is a beacon that we all need, and Rajesh is amongst the best around. I treasure his advice that has enriched my life and helped me to grow as a person.

Andrea Oschetti, CEO of Blueflower – Inspired Travels, Hong Kong

Rajesh has a profound knowledge of the mind, human psychology, and philosophy. His method of teaching is personal and insightful, while remaining light hearted and pragmatic. Professionally he is calm and results driven.

Andrew McConachy, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Melbourne

Rajesh is a kind spirit who really helped me find my way at a very difficult period in my life and career. Inspiring, insightful and sharply intelligent, I feel lucky to have spent time with Rajesh and look forward to the next time!

Scott McArthur, Co-Founder of Sculpture Consulting Ltd, UK

Rajesh is a excellent coach and a very wise man. He helped me to see many things indifferent perspectives and really kickstarted my spiritual journey! And all that in a very down to earth, practical way. This approach made it possible to actually apply his teachings to “real” life!”

Jan Zoetjes, Co-Owner Cutting Edge Smart Horecamanagement BV, Netherlands

I was very fortunate to meet Rajesh at this point in life and be able to have a series of private sessions with him. An uplifting and transformational inner journey that touched my soul and change it forever. A cathartic experience.

Aura Botorog, Copenhagen, Denmark