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Sita Pavan is a multi-disciplinary practitioner in holistic wellness and personal development.

Schooled in Yin, Kundalini and Children’s yoga, she has been practicing dedicatedly on the mat for more than a decade. The deeper her practice, the more she sees fulfilment as an ‘inside job’ that goes beyond external gratification. As such, Sita’s classes are crafted with the intention to empower participants with introspective tools and practices for joyful, heart-centered living.

Sita’s approach to teaching Yoga is complemented by her knowledge as a Reiki Master-Teacher, Inner Child Therapist, and Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner. The small-group format at The Wise Life Co. enables her to integrate aspects from these therapeutic disciplines based on the expressed needs of the class, as well as give personal attention to support each participant’s wellness journey.


Yin & Crystals by Candlelight
This gentle candlelit series with Sita Pavan pairs Yin Yoga with crystals placed on and around your body. Calming, nourishing and introspective –Sita’s classes are rooted in self-empowerment. As you relax into Yin shapes, releasing tension in deep connective tissues, you'll be guided to tune-in to mind-body sensations. This secular meditative practice enhances self-awareness, paving the way for courageous and heart-centered living. Suitable for all levels of practitioners.

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Reiki is a complementary therapy based on gentle touch to guide healing energy throughout the body. Benefits include relaxation, calmness as well as relieving stress, insomnia, anxiety, eczema and muscle tension. This guided session with Reiki Master-Teacher Sita Pavan empowers you to practice Reiki therapy on yourself. Learn how to connect and awaken the body’s innate ability to recharge and restore itself. Regular practice enhances physical, mental and emotional balance.

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