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Masumi is a talented sound healing expert from Japan. 

She plays 18 different Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls along with other healing instruments such as crystal chimes and tuning forks in her Sound Therapy Sessions. The way she uses harmony and sound waves is guided by her knowledge of Ancient Music, and one of the reasons her sessions are so deeply relaxing, powerful and special.

Masumi's collection of Crystal Singing Bowls is very unique. They are carefully chosen with special frequencies including 528Hz - the ancient Solfeggio frequency of Love. Their vibrational energy and resonance have powerful healing benefits. They clear out any negative energy, balance your chakras, relief stress, and improve mental clarity.

Growing up in the deep countryside of Japan, Masumi has always felt a strong connection with nature, its surrounding sounds, and a spiritual way of life. After many years of working in private banking, she decided to fully pursue her passion for sound healing and energy work. As an experienced Crystal Singing Bowl practitioner, she has had the privilege to perform at the 2000 year-old Ise Shrine, the most ancient and powerful Shrine in Japan, as well as the Bali Spirit Festival, one of the biggest spirit festivals in the world.  


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