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On Tuesday evenings, Cat Reynolds offers an exclusive Yin & Nidra Yoga Program that is beautifully illuminated by candlelight and accompanied by chilled out tunes.

Cat's style of yoga teaching empowers you to really experience the deep benefits of yoga on the mind and body. It is not just about how to do poses. She takes you through an introspective practice that is more a "work-in" than a "work-out" by integrating her wisdom of Yin and the meridians, restorative yoga and the nervous system, along with different meditation techniques and Reiki.

Cat started her yoga journey in 2004 to find balance and to reduce her stress levels from working as an international advertising producer for major sport brands. Her practice was a little sporadic but Cat developed a regular practice when pregnant with her daughter 9 years ago. 

"When I first started going to yoga classes, I felt intimidated entering the studio and I always aimed for the mat at the back of the class. I was shy and self-conscious and that is exactly how I felt off the mat too.
Over the years, yoga has helped me become more confident about who I am, be true to who I am and find my voice. As my practice has evolved and gone down various avenues from practicing to alleviate stress, to developing flexibility and strength, to developing a beautiful breath practice during prenatal yoga.
Slowly I discovered how yoga gave me strength not just on the mat but in challenging situations, I discovered that I have not only become more flexible in my body but also in my mind and my outlook. I have slowly become more curious about the subtle body, the energies of the body- the ones you cannot see or touch, the energies that have an effect on our bodies, our minds and the way we feel and react. My journey is never ending."

Cat was born in the Cornwall in the UK and has lived in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, San Francisco with a short stint back in London before arriving in Singapore 4+ years ago. Cat is married to an Argentinian/Swede and has a 8 year old daughter who was born in the US. They both speak Spanish and Cat is trying to learn. 🙂

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